Everyone wants to avoid collisions, yet if we drive for long enough, the majority of us will eventually get in one. When you need auto body repair, it can be challenging to navigate the procedure. There are many perplexing rumors floating around that cloud the reality of professional accident repair, which only serves to complicate matters further.

You can always count on an honest St. Louis autobody repair shop like Central Auto Body Rebuilders to simplify the procedure so you don’t have to worry about returning to work. We’re differentiating myths from reality about auto accident repair in this article.

Fact or Fiction?

How well-versed are you in auto body repair? Determine which of the following statements are true and which are false to test your knowledge.

  • To obtain the original manufacturer’s components, you must use your dealership

To maintain the warranty, many automakers demand that repairs include OEM (original manufacturer’s) components. But Central Auto Body Rebuilders uses OEM parts, especially when the insurance company or our client specifically requests it.

  • Your insurance provider chooses the body shop for you

Although your auto insurance provider could suggest a body shop for you to hire, you have the freedom to get your car fixed wherever you like.

It’s usually a good idea to search for the best auto body collision repair shop near you or the auto body collision repair shop with the best reviews and certifications.

  • After an accident, your car’s worth will never be the same

Another prevalent misconception is the idea that after a collision, a car’s value greatly decreases.

While this can be the case for severe accidents that affect the frame, Central Auto Body works to ensure that your car is restored to the manufacturer’s specifications. The trained technicians must adhere to certain OEM requirements. With experience and skill, professionals can make repairs where little value is lost.

  • Your car’s safety features are simple to restore

Modern safety technologies are being incorporated into automobiles in response to consumer demand for safer driving conditions and even higher comfort levels. Backup cameras and heat sensors are crucial components of the driving experience.

Contrary to what you may have heard, these are not always simple to repair. The technologies will typically require extra care and attention because, if they are not functioning properly, they could put the driver and passengers at significant risk and lead to further repairs or worse!

  • The insurance company’s estimate must be accepted

Another dangerous misconception is that you must accept the offer made by the insurance company because it is the last one. Yes, they will typically come up with their own estimate, but it will be based on standard fees or what is deemed appropriate given the circumstances.

You may be entitled to contest what they are proposing and obtain additional auto body repair estimates from other shops under some policies since in some situations, they are not correct and will not accurately reflect how much the repair will actually cost.

  • The insurance provider might not cover every expense

It’s crucial to get in touch with your insurance provider as soon as possible following a collision to learn what is covered by your policy.

You should typically prepare to pay at least a deductible. Comprehensive collision insurance is necessary to cover damage that might have happened before or outside of the collision because collision coverage policies only pay for damage sustained during an accident.

  • Collision repair is always inconvenient

Despite the fact that collision repair frequently causes a disruption in your schedule, some professional autobody repair shops make sure to provide you with the best services and do everything in their power to reduce the inconvenience.

The last thing you need after an accident involving your car is the trouble and irritation of taking it to the dealer. You can look for an Autobody Collision Repair shop near you like Central Auto Body Rebuilders in St. Louis that can help get you back on the road faster and make the insurance process go much more smoothly than trying to navigate it alone.


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Customer Reviews

Central Auto Body Rebuilders

Customer Reviews

Adrian Pelka 4/23/2019

Top notch work. Only guys I trust with any of my cars.

Leslie Murray 6/11/2019

Highly professional - excellent top quality work- fast and friendly service - very knowledgeable about all aspects of claims- auto body repair options-best in the business !!!

Rick McCleary 10/26/2019

These guys at Central are fantastic. Their goal is to do it RIGHT. They are easy to work with and super quick. Exceeds expectations. I’ve had paint less dent removal, a detail, and some front end damage. Outstanding for sure. If you see that red BMW coupe, that’s the one they keep looking great.

Marty Tribandis A0utg1gousst 2, te202ig1

excellent autobody repair & service, The women in the front office was very friendly!

Jennifer G. 10/11/2018

This is, by far, my favorite auto repair and body shop!!! Everyone is very nice and helpful to each need I've ever had, whether it be in auto repair or body work done. They have always gone above and beyond proving they are the place to go. This past week i was in an accident and i thought there was no hope for my car and when i got it back days later she looked better than when i had bought her 10 years ago! They all are truely gifted people and i'm grateful to be so lucky to have my cars fixed here. Everyone here always makes you feel welcomed and included in the process. I will continue to bring all my car's here while recommending Central to whom ever needs auto repairing.

Lauren L. 12/16/2019

Sam and his team are the BEST!!!! I have been bringing my car into his shop for the last couple years and he has always gone above and beyond for me. He is fair, honest and friendly. His work is top notch. Bring your car to this shop; you wont be disappointed!!

Marcia C. 11/19/2019

Did an amazing job on my aunt's car. So thankful she got it done here instead of the local alternative for almost twice as much money. Her car was done in under a week vs 18 days as estimated by the other guys. Thanks so much for getting back on the road so quickly. And making the car look brand new!!

Allen R. 4/11/2019

I have been coming here for years .
I had a Chevrolet Avalanche I took it to another shop for some body work , they quoted $ 3500 I bring the car to this place ,they fix it all the body work for half a price . My car looked like brand new . Excellent boy work and paint. And they are honest and friendly.

Henrique C. 3/24/2020

This place is nice They have a fair price And really good service I definitely recommend

Keith J. 9/26/2020

Sam knows I trust him as a very honest mechanic who does excellent work. If you looking for someone you can trust, this is the place. They will be a place you will take your car to time and time again, great people and great honest service.