Michelle Heavens “I Fight For Me” In 2011 Michelle was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer, he prognosis was not good, She battled for a long time and sadly has gone from this world but has left a great message of strength in life. She purchased a camper who she named Emily, from her blog… “I knew this camper had to be more than just a camper, it needed to be an ambassador for all ovarian cancer patients! This camper needed to serve a purpose bigger then just my bucket list! So I knew it was going to need to strong statement and some TLC but where to start? When I bought the camper it had 3 strips of blue, gray and red down the middle and it was faded from being left in the sun so this was not going to a project and my life is no longer counted in years but days, weeks and if lucky months. So I needed to find a body shop that could change this little faded camper into something that would get noticed and carry a strong statement across the country. A statement of hope and courage” Central Auto body rebuilders inc took of the challenge and helped her make her camper a reality.


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